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Social Photography Blog Post (Assignment)

I am looking forward to seeing all of the C193 students’ blog posts tomorrow — the topic of which is social photography. The assignment, you’ll recall, was to shoot some photos (approximately 3 – 5)¬†with a digital camera, or phone, and upload them to your blog. You were also asked to start a Flickr account and load some photos to that platform. Finally, your blog post will reflect on these actions and social photography, in general.

I enjoy photography and graphic design a lot. As I’ve mentioned, I spent the first part of my career doing a lot of photography and design and it’s interesting to come full circle and get back into it. Photography is another skill that you, as a communicator, can continually develop. You’ll be amazed at how often you’ll be asked to take photos as part of your public relations work, especially if you work for a smaller organization where funds are limited. As we spoke about in class last week, just a few adjustments to your photo composition, especially being more aware of the background, can make a big difference in the overall¬†design of your images.