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C193/293 Revised schedule and assignments

Congratulations to both teams on presenting your plans to your Clients! I’m sure you’re all breathing a sigh of relief this morning. As mentioned yesterday, I’m working on revising our schedule and some assignments based on recent events, as well as our upcoming guest speaker availability.  I’m still finalizing some of the revisions, but for the next few weeks, here’s the topics we’ll be discussing:

October Schedule and Readings:

Week 6 (this week):
Topic: Building & Maintaining Community, Conversation, & Engagement (no change)
You are responsible for the assigned readings. We should have some time to discuss them in class on Thursday, after our guest speaker Josh Morgan (Edelman Digital) completes his talk. By the way, please come prepared to engage with him. Why not do some background research on him/his career and come with some questions! He is a very experienced professional and we’re lucky to have him as a guest so I hope you take advantage of this opportunity.

Week 7, October 7 & 9:
Topic: Blogging, Microblogging, and Facebook (revised) We will discuss these topics addressed in readings from previous weeks. Please revisit the readings from weeks 4 and 5 and be prepared to engage in discussion.

Week 8, October 14 & 16:
Topic: Metrics (no change)
Guest speaker: Karla Fung, Runyan, Saltzman Einhorn, Inc.

Final modifications to come as I confirm guest speakers.

Also, please note the final paper, a social media plan or case study, is now an individual paper. I will not include a required draft as you will have received 3 rounds of comments on the plan you recently completed for your Clients. By now, you should have a good feel for what’s required.