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Plans, production, and pitches

We had a really productive and invigorating class last night, C193/293! It was great to see how engaged and thoughtful everyone was with their plans. As we gear up for your pitches, I wanted to share some additional thoughts on your work.

Social Media Plans. As you can see, your plans, while not very long in page length, contain a lot of thoughtful substance. Every part of your plan is important and each section sets up what follows. Therefore, while an individual team member may be managing a particular part of the proposal, you must make sure it all works together, and also make sure key decisions are undertaken as a group — i.e. narrowing publics; strategies; calendar; etc.

As you continue to refine your strategies, you should be mindful of both your content strategy — i.e. what you will post on each of the platforms – and most importantly, don’t forget about the relationships you want to cultivate. Remember, these media are best used to facilitate two-way engagement, not solely pushing content out to your key publics. You must also be mindful about  how you can encourage your publics to push content (i.e. “talk”) to you. Also, think about the communities you want to cultivate across your platforms. Try to move away from an old-model of one-way messaging to cultivating engagement/interaction with your Client, and also amongst your community members. Your strategies and tactics need to be very specific in terms of what you will post and how your will engage your publics.

Your key messages are also important. What is it you want to say to your key publics? Is there a call to action? Again, beyond promoting an album or show, think about how you want your community members to engage with you and each other on these platforms. I’m reminded of the Mini Cooper campaign discussed in Groundswell and how the campaign planners realized that Mini Cooper owners loved to talk to each other about their cars. What will your key publics talk about with each other? Which conversations will your campaign participate in? Have you identified hashtags for your campaign? This might help you focus and identify your key messages.

Production. As you map out the calendar, you should also prepare sample posts or topic ideas, and identify who will be doing what, when (from your team).

Pitches. I estimate your pitches should be around 20 minutes. Every team member needs to have a speaking part and exhibit confidence in your proposal! You do not need to go into all the background research, only do as much set-up as you need to, to support your proposal. The rationale for your campaign should be clear to your Client. They will be especially interested in your strategies and tactics — how you will engage key publics online and through which channels — so this section needs to be very well developed and well-delivered.

Pitches are a key part of the creative services business. Typically, you will have several firms competing against each other for a Client’s new business (i.e. if the Client issues a Call for Proposals, or “Request for Proposals” (RFQ) ). To get you excited about your presentations, I include two videos below for your viewing pleasure.

This one features Ad Executives discussing the process of pitching:

AMC, “The Pitch” excerpt

And, here’s an inspired concept pitch from the show, “Mad Men” discussing the Kodak slide projector:

Let me know what you think of these videos — do they inspire you or intimidate you? (Hopefully, the former.)

Keep up the good work!