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Next week’s readings, schedule, and blog prompt

Next week we will continue discussing how the Internet and social media have impacted public relations and journalism. On Tuesday, we’ll discuss the following readings:

1) Beyond Gingras: Tech Innovation Alone Will Not Democratize Media
2) Does the Internet Make You Dumber? or
3) Does the Internet Make You Smarter?
4) The Natives Aren’t Restless Enough
5) How Social Media is Sparking Organizational Transformation.

For your reflection paper, you should critically reflect on these readings. Specifically, discuss the arguments the authors make and which arguments do you agree with, or which ones do you find problematic and why. Try to get as specific as you can regarding the authors and their articles.

Next Thursday we will watch “Page One” — a documentary that explores the implications of the rise of citizen journalism and the possibility of a world without The New York Times (the standard bearer of newspaper journalism).

See you soon!