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This week’s blog post

I hope you all had a great weekend! And, congratulations to the Theatre Team for wrapping up a great social media campaign for the Theatre Department!

As you know, this week we will discuss Online Media Relations (Share This: Chps 12 – 16), as well as finish up the readings from last week — Groundswell, Chps 10 and 11 and Briggs, Chapter 5. On Tuesday, we will focus on the Groundswell and Briggs readings. For your blog post this week, then, I’d like you to write a book review of Groundswell. In particular, discuss what you see as the major contributions of this book. What ideas have stuck with you? What ideas do you think were most “revolutionary” at the time of its writing? This book is now 3 years old, if you were going to update it, what material do you think should be included? Finally, do you have any critiques/criticisms of the text? Be prepared to discuss your thoughts in class.

Have a great week!

Next Week’s Blog Post

For next week’s post, I would like you to reflect critically on the Goundswell (Li & Bernoff, 2011) readings you’ve completed thus far. Reflect on the first 5 chapters of this book. Which ideas do you find particularly interesting? What take-aways have you gotten that might influence your approach to designing a social media campaign? Is there anything you disagree with or think needs updating?

Use this blog post to engage with the content thoughtfully. You do not need to summarize the material, and avoid generalizations. Instead, I want to see you engaging with the material, and critically thinking through the ideas presented in the text.