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C193/293: Blog Publishing

Okay, the semester has begun and we are off and running!

It looks like many of you have your blog up and have posted your first entry. Hooray!  If not, you should do that before Tuesday’s class and post the link on the class FB page (I sent each of you an email invitation to join — if you are still having trouble please email me again and I will resend the link). Before Tuesday’s class you should have published two blog posts, as described in the syllabus:

Week 1:
) Create your WordPress journal blog, and email me the link. Create an About Me page that has a brief personal bio and photo of yourself. Include things like your career goals, your hobbies, work experience, etc.
2) In your first post, answer the following questions: What social networks do you use most often? How or why do you use them? What do you find interesting or important about social media (e.g. why are you taking this class?)

Week 2:
For next week’s post, I want you to apply what we learned in class yesterday by identifying a social media campaign to analyze. As indicated in the syllabus:
Blog post: Identify a social media campaign that was a success and apply the principles of campaign planning in analyzing the campaign. Discuss what kind of research you think was needed to launch the campaign. Who were the key audiences and what were the key messages? What were the strategy and tactics that were applied? How was success evaluated? Why do you think it was so successful?

Also, you should consider your blog a work in progress. During the semester we will have an ongoing discussion of what makes a good blog, including identifying the characteristics of good writing, design, photography, etc. Meanwhile, keep playing with yours and working to improve its readability and functionality. Besides fulfilling a class requirement, think about your personal brand that you’d like to showcase on this platform.

Regarding the “Photo-A-Day” assignment, note: I will delay the start of that project for a bit, since we have so much to do to get our campaigns pitched and launched. So, don’t worry about that assignment right now.

Finally, I encourage you to bring your laptops to class, if you have one, so that we can look things up on the fly. However, unless we are all using our laptops i.e. as part of a class exercise, I will ask you to put them away while I’m lecturing and/or we’re having a discussion. Otherwise, it creates too much of a distraction in the learning environment which is not good for anyone.

Have a great weekend!