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C193/293 – Next week’s blog post

What makes a good blog? As we prepare for next week’s topic, let’s do some investigating of our own.

For next week’s blog post, I would like you to find 2-3 other blogs about a topic that interests you, and critique these blogs. These blogs can be about any topic, such as fitness (Michael Contrereas) or cars (Kelvin Cao), for example. Specifically, discuss the tone and content of the writing, and the blog layout and design. How would you describe the writing tone/voice of the blog? What makes the layout attractive (or not)? Does the blog post a lot of photos or other visual “eye candy” or not? Do you notice any commonalities across the blogs? What do you think works really well in these blogs, and what doesn’t? Also, note the level of engagement on these blogs. Are readers commenting a lot? Most importantly, what ideas can you take away from these blogs to improve your own?

Remember, your blog is a work in progress and I encourage you to improve it as the semester progresses. Think of this, also, as an opportunity to consider your own voice and your own personal brand.