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Next week’s assignment

For next week’s assignment, you should start your Twitter account, if you haven’t already, and begin tweeting. For the next week (i.e. at least September 22 – 26), you should tweet at least once per day on the subject matter of your choosing. You may tweet about things you’re thinking about, respond to someone else, comment on a recent event, etc. Pay special attention to which of your tweets get retweeted, if any, and/or generate comments from other users.

Spend some time exploring Twitter. In order to participate in the conversation on Twitter, you must identify 5-10 other handles than interest you and begin following them (unless you’re already heavily engaged in this platform). Also, connect with your classmates from this class.

You should also connect your Twitter feed to your Blog page. In WordPress, under “Appearance” go to “Widgets” and there will be a widget for Twitter (essentially a small App or computer program). Click and drag this to the right side of the page (the “primary widget area”) and provide any information requested.

For this week’s blog post, discuss some of the conversations that are happening on this platform that interest you. Also, reflect on Twitter as a public relations tool, specifically discuss the value you think it has a public relations tool. What are some good examples of organizations using Twitter effectively? What about bad examples of its usage? Also, what new insights did this week’s readings give you regarding Twitter?

Meanwhile, in the weeks to come you will be required to live tweet from an event, so start thinking about what might make a good event from which to do so.

Have a great weekend!

Next Week’s Blog Post

For next week’s post, I would like you to reflect critically on the Goundswell (Li & Bernoff, 2011) readings you’ve completed thus far. Reflect on the first 5 chapters of this book. Which ideas do you find particularly interesting? What take-aways have you gotten that might influence your approach to designing a social media campaign? Is there anything you disagree with or think needs updating?

Use this blog post to engage with the content thoughtfully. You do not need to summarize the material, and avoid generalizations. Instead, I want to see you engaging with the material, and critically thinking through the ideas presented in the text.