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Next week’s blog post and final paper

As discussed in class, for next week’s blog post you should critically reflect on the documentary, Page One. What argument(s) does the film make about old and new media? For example, consider the values of old and new media and describe how they may clash. Throughout the film we see the demise of so many American newspapers. In light of that, do you think that newspapers are worth saving? Why or why not? What value do you think news organizations have for society and how has their value changed with the advent of new media? Finally, what implications do you think all these changes in the news environment have for public relations practitioners?

Also, by next week (Thursday deadline), you should send me (via email or hard copy) a one paragraph description of your final paper. For this paper, you may choose either a case study analysis of a social media campaign, or create another, original social media plan of your own. Since this will be an individual paper and not a team effort, I will go ahead and modify (i.e. shorten) the original parameters described in your syllabus. I will hand out a more detailed description on Tuesday, but the paper length will be 7 – 10 pages.

If you want to write a case study, you should identify an organization that used social media to effectively reach objectives. You will analyze the campaign and apply some of the best practices we’ve discussed throughout the semester to this campaign. Specifically, you can think about the lessons learned from the Groundswell and see how will the campaign reflects them. Again, more detailed information will be handed out in class on Tuesday. For now, you can search online through sites likes Mashable, PRdaily, SocialFresh, and PRSA (news links) for “meaty” campaigns to analyze.

The other paper option is to design a new, original social media plan for a small business or non-profit. You should identify a legitimate organization that would  benefit from a new or improved social media plan. The format will be similar to what you’ve already done, but this time the work will be all your own, and the campaign will not actually be implemented.

Hope that helps get you started. Also, don’t forget to identify and live tweet an event by Nov 17 — and promote your live tweet on our FB page. Music team also has reflection papers and social media “output” from your last campaign due on Thursday.

Have a great weekend.