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Students – my apologies for not getting this week’s blog prompt up sooner. As a result, you will have until this Thursday, 12pm, to post your response. For your blog, please reflect on the photography & video readings (Briggs, Chapters 6 and 8), and consider the questions: What do you think makes an engaging photograph (i.e. especially on social media)? What kinds of photographs attract and interest you — and why?

Also, here is our revised reading/topic scheduled for the next few weeks. I will work on getting the handouts/links to you for the last weeks of reading.

Reading Schedule:

Week 9 (this week):     Social Photography and Video (+ Going Mobile) (revised) October 21: Guest Speaker, Randall Gee (Meet in lab)
Read: Briggs, Chapter 6 and 8
Read: Groundswell Chps, 10, 11

 Week 10:   Online Media relations (+ finish up going mobile)
Read: Briggs, Chapter 5 (Going Mobile)
Read: Share This, Chps 12 -16

 Week 11:   Resume Schedule as planned –
READINGS TO COME (Week 11 – 13/handouts & links)

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