Social media assignments and other news

There will be no class tonight; however, I would like you to take advantage of this time to get going on your video/photography assignment. I have created a handout with the last, “smaller” social media assignments: SocialMediaAssignments , which we will go over next week, but the highlight are:

1) You have one video/photography assignment to complete, which will largely be done in class. You should start shooting images and video tonight and this weekend, and email them to yourself so that you can access them in class on Tuesday — when we will meet in the Psy/COMM Lab 112 for a hands-on workshop. (However, if you have iMovie on your Mac laptop, you are certainly welcome to work on your own device.)

2) One live-tweeting assignment (already discussed)

3) A short reflection paper of your Campaign experience (this was already built into your Campaign grade; therefore, I’ve changed the Extra Credit Opportunity to something different).

And, of course, you have your final paper due the last week of classes, with an individual presentation. I have staggered out the deadlines as much as possible and will, indeed, give you class time to work on your projects. Remember, we have no tests in this class, but instead have a fair amount of hands-on work.

Meanwhile, I will post the blog prompt tomorrow. Please contact me with any questions. And, good luck with your photography/videography!


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