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What a wonderfully productive and exciting week we’ve had!

I was glad to see everyone enjoyed Josh Morgan’s visit and you asked some great questions. As you’ll recall, we captured the moment:


Josh Morgan (center) and C193/293 Students, Fall 2014

Also, we captured the social media team and their Pac Ave clients:


I’m only sorry we didn’t take pictures of Ian Hill’s visit and the previous campaign team! D’oh!

As we head toward the mid-point of the semester, remember that I need to see a editorial calendar from each team so that I can keep up with your social media campaigns. I have this for Theatre (in your proposal) but not Music. However, I will anticipate receiving Music’s calendar later next week (after your brainstorming meeting with the Client). Meanwhile, as you proceed with your campaign implementation, if you have any questions that I can help with, please let me know.

Finally, for your blog post next week, in light of having had two guest speakers, thus far, and all the readings you’ve done, and the campaigns you’ve designed, I’d like you to reflect on what you’ve learned so far about social media. What’s been most surprising and/or interesting? Reflect specifically on our guest speakers, as well as the readings, and the work you’ve done. Are you excited to contemplate a career that involves social media or has the allure changed for you? Finally, are there things you’re still burning to know that we haven’t yet touched upon — in particular, please let me know if there’s something you’d like to discuss further — especially if is is NOT indicated on the syllabus for the weeks to come. (I will try to include it somewhere, if that’s the case.)

Have a great weekend!

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