Social Media Fact Sheets

As you all know your Fact Sheets and presentations are due this Thursday. The assignment, as previously discussed is included below.  One thing to note, I will not REQUIRE a Powerpoint/Prezi for this presentation. Since you will be spending time on the platform you’re analyzing (i.e. for demonstration), it may be too cumbersome or confusing to also navigate through a Powerpoint/ Prezi, as well. I will leave that up to you in terms of what you think will aid you in being a most effective communicator.

The assignment:

Each student will comprehensively review a social media platform and become a subject matter expert, explaining its history, effective practices, etc. Students will be assigned a social media channel including social networking sites, blogs, Pinterest, Instagram, vines, etc. Students will create a single-spaced fact sheet, using headings & bullet points, to address the significant things professional communicators need to know about these platforms. Your Fact Sheets must be 1 -2 pages long and you must create handouts of the Fact Sheets for all class members. Presentations should be between 7 -10 minutes long.

  1. Introduction to the platform with some basic information about who is using it and for what (users and marketers). Include data like reach (how many people are active users) and user demographics.
  2. Brief demo on how to use the platform;
  3. How do brands or businesses successfully communicate on this platform (show at least 2 examples);
  4. Specific user elements that are important to the platform (likes, hashtags, etc.); How do you use the platform to provoke responses or engagement?; What level of engagement is realistic or achievable on this platform (refer to your examples)?;
  5. What risks are inherent to this platform? How can syntax (limitations on size of messages for example) increase risk?
  6. What are the top ways to build followers on this platform? What tips can you offer brands that will allow them to develop loyal, engaged and committed followers that spread positive WOM for them?
  7. Your advice and recommendations for using this platform to communicate with customers or potential ones.

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