Schedule – Week of November 6

What an exciting week! Don’t forget to vote on Tuesday, November 6! Finally, the day is here. I am still hoping somebody will live tweet during election night. 🙂

Meanwhile, in COMM 193 I’d like to read about your thoughts on content curation, and the platforms of Pinterest and Tumblr that we discussed last week. Also, on Tuesday, Graduate students will present their social media case studies — these are the papers that you handed in last week, but that we didn’t get to present. You don’t need to prepare a formal powerpoint, but it would be helpful for you to show the class some examples of the materials (i.e. the campaign) that you analyzed. Please prepare, this will be part of your grade.

It is a busy month, for sure, but we will allocate some class time for your group work. Here are some deadlines to take note of:

Thursday, November 6, Quiz #3, topics to be covered include readings & class discussion from week 8 (social photography & social writing to week 10, web curation)

Tuesday, November 13: Live tweeting assignment due (post your storify link in your blog) and presentations

Thursday, November 15: Draft due of your social media plan, from Goal(s) to Tactics/technologies. Please make an effort with this — there will be points associated with it.

Tuesday, November 20: Personal branding assignment due

Thursday, November 29:  Quiz #4 (readings & discussion from Week 11 and 12, Metrics and SEO)

I think that’s everything – for now. Have a great weekend!




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